February 2020 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Richie Ferrell. Minutes were read and approved. Brenda Lagasse reported the checking and savings.

Activities Committee Update – Presented by Donna Barleen
There is now a tentative activities schedule for the year. We are waiting on a date from Randall for a vet day.

Adult Buckle Series – Tentative dates are June 13th, 20th, and 27th at 6:00 pm. This will be a members only event. There will be 3-4 events. There will only be one class and the top 3 racers will win a prize. It was also discussed to add a “Hard Luck” prize. The buckle will be given out at the end of the year party along with the youth buckle series kids.

August – We will have our equine dentist day in August. We are waiting to hear back from the dentist for an exact date.

Mutton Bustin’ Competition – Presented by Katie Lehmann – May 30th is the tentative date. Katie Lehmann said she will have all the details worked out by the March meeting. It was discussed to use ribbons or small trophies as prizes.

New Business:
Richie Farrell asked to set a date for our first work night. It has been tentatively for March 21st at 12:00pm.

Aggie Moore reported notes from the Fair Board Meeting.
The water at the fairgrounds will be shut off until until February 16th.
The Fair Board would like to put in a mud run on July 11th. They would like to place the mud pit diagonally from the shooting sports area. There was discussion on where the bull riders and other trailers would park since that would take a big chunk away from parking. Aggie Moore will present our concerns to the Fair Board at the next meeting.

Brenda Lagasse presented the contract from JC Rodeo. The contract will be for $8,500 and if we would like to add break away, it will be an extra $500. Katie Lehmann made a motion to add break away to our rodeo. Seconded by Brenda Lagasse. Motion carried.

Brenda Lagasse motioned for adjournment. Seconded by Marleen Parker.

Upcoming Events:
March 3rd – Saddle Club Meeting. Chamber Office 7:00pm
March 6-8th – Equafest in Salina
March 8th – Monthly Trail Ride
March 21st -Work Night. NCK Arena 12:00pm
May 30th – Mutton Bustin’ Competition (Tentative)
June 13th – Adult Buckle Series. NCK Arena 6:00pm
June 20th – Adult Buckle Series NCK Arena 6:00pm
June 27th – Adult Buckle Series NCK Arena 6:00pm