January 2020 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Richie Farrell at 7:05pm. Aggie Moore reported the checking and savings.

Board of directors to meet on January 26th, 2:00pm to discuss repairs needed to the arena. Charlie Hanson discussed the work that needed to be done on the lights around the arena, above the crows nest, and the motion decision light by the east gate. Terry Greer made a motion to get the ball rolling and to contact Chris Stupka about fixing our lights. Motion seconded by Aggie Moore. Motion carried.

Donna Barleen made a motion to pay for 3 trophies for the 4-H horse show. Motion seconded by Rick Croisant. Motion carried.

Katie Lehmann brought guest speaker, Jamie to talk to the club about the new indoor arena at the college. They hope to have the arena completed by mid march.

Katie Lehmann made a motion for Donna Barleen to be the chairman for the activities committee. Seconded by Rick Croisant. Meeting to be set up within the next week.

Katie Lehmann asked if the saddle club would involved with EKHA this year. Aggie Moore said we simply need to pay our membership. Motion by Katie Lehmann to pay membership dues. Seconded by Aggie Moore. Motion Carried

Motion for adjournment by Donna Barleen. Seconded by Aggie Moore.

Upcoming Events

January 26th – Board of Directors meeting at the arena 2:00pm
February 4th – Saddle Club Meeting. Chamber Office 7:00pm
March 6-8th – Equafest in Salina