July 2020 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by Ritchie Farrell.

There will be a work night July 7th at 7:00pm. We will be painting and setting up panels.

Activities Committee Update:

We had one adult buckle series race. Make up dates will be potentially after the youth buckle series dates. August 29th, Erin Glassman the equine dentist, would like 10 horses, no time has been set up yet. Youth buckle series is still set to continue.

Fall fest is September 26th if it does not get cancelled.

Rodeo Committee Update:

We are not charging the contestants the $10 gate fee. Ritchie Farrell will call the JC Rodeo and have them take that detail out of the website/ promotions. 

Aggie mentioned that the open horse show has been cancelled for this year. 

Katie Lehmann discusses that the new travel fellowship in Abilene are coming to help with the rodeo.

Motion to adjourn made by Eric Voss. Seconded by Katie Lehmann.