June 2020 Meeting Notes

Meeting was called to order by Ritchie Farrell. 

Treasurer’s report: Rodeo queen contestants are bringing a good amount of money. Ritchie Farrell provided a bill for the signs on the highway. Brenda has the contract for the rodeo clown. 

Ritchie Farrell discussed the 8 X 4 plywood to fix sign for highway was picked up as well as the paint. We still need to fix the dates on the highway signs for the rodeo.  

Rodeo committee meeting update: Lance discussed the concession stand for the rodeo. Lance will buy 100 hot dogs to give away to kids (12 & under). We will charge contestants the gate fee since we are not getting much sponsorship money. May add hamburgers to concession stand menu.

Fair board meeting update: No carnival this year. No open class exhibits except for the horse show.

Rodeo committee meeting will be Monday, June 22nd. 8:00 pm at the arena. Laura Hansen will do a radio interview with 94.9. Aggie will send a fax with rodeo information to KR92. 

Work night has been scheduled for June 11th. 6:30 at the arena.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brenda Lagasse. Seconded by Ashley Elasasser.