March 2019 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Ritchie Farrell. The minutes were read with a correction of the Jackpot Barrel Races beginning on May 3 not May 13. Treasurer Brenda Lagasse was not in attendance, so the Treasurer’s report was not read. Money from Clarence Mendenhall’s Memorials, Youth Buckle Series, and memberships was turned in to the Secretary to deposit. Aggie mentioned that we usually announce memorials at the Rodeo.

Activities Committee
4/6 Health Fair

9/14 Youth Buckle Series

9/29 Youth Buckle Series

10/12 Youth Buckle Series

10/26 Youth Buckle Series

11/9 Youth Buckle Series (Alternate)

11/2 Halloween Fun Day

Optional Ideas are Ed McCarty Demonstration or Saddle Fit Clinic, let Donna Barleen know if you are interested in either.

Queen Committee

There are a couple girls interested.

Erin Urban made a motion to have the Rodeo Queen Contest on Thursday, July 11 at 6:00 pm. Terry Greer seconded and the motion passed.

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors met and assigned committee chairmen. They will meet again at the Arena when the weather is good.

Rodeo Committee

The Rodeo Committee met and discussed events, entertainer, and sponsors. To get everything to fit in the Rodeo, we are starting a half-hour earlier (7:30 pm)

Old Business

Travelling chaps for the reigning queen was brought up by Rebecca Thornton in October 2018. She had suggested Sara Prohaska (Facebook, Sara Pro). Sara gave a couple options with prices. Ritchie Farrell had suggested to let Amber Cornett give us a quote. Amber had several designs with a price range a little under Sara Prohaska. Final price will be given after the materials have been purchased. Aggie Moore made the motion to have Amber Cornett makes the white and royal blue chaps. Terry Greer seconded it and the motion passed.

Then meeting adjourned and then we had a lovely presentation of the parts of a saddle by Lanee Bray.