March 2020 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Ritchie Farrell. The minutes were read and approved. Treasurer Brenda Lagasse reported the checking and savings. Brenda said she has not sent off the check to the insurance company yet. She will also send the dates for the rodeo to the insurance company. Brenda also reported that the horse trophy sponsorship has been paid for.

Old Busniness:

The NCK Arena letters are now off and will be placed in the crows nest until new letters are made.
A work night has been tentatively set for March 21st at 12:00 pm. Due to cold weather conditions, the work night has been moved to March 28th, at 12:00 pm.
Aggie Moore said the fair board is looking for alternative dates for the mud pit. They have not dismissed the idea, but are looking for another time.

New Business:

Update on the Mutton Bustin’ Competition: Quinton Burgstrom has offered 12 sheep to be used. Katie Lehmann spoke with Crystal Nelson, they use a paper waiver form for their competition. Katie says she feels that with the waiver we should be covered should anything happen. The age and weight limit for the sheep is set to 6 years old, under 60lbs. The sheep will have a limit of 3 rides to avoid over working the sheep. Katie will look into seeing if the child with the best time can qualify for the state fair. Brandi Bray mentioned that May 30th will be a busy weekend. June 13th is the new tentative date. Registration begins at 12:00 pm.

Katie also mentioned that instead of doing a barrel race for the cancer benefit, it will now be a trail ride on May 30th at Katie & Greg’s home. Be tacked and ready to go at 4:00pm, meal at 6:00pm. Cost is yet to be determined. Katie is also asking people to wear red on the trail ride. More details to come.

Promotional Meeting Update: Katie Lehmann suggested putting on a Kentucky Derby watch party at the Concordia Plaza. The event would begin at 3 or 4pm. There would be h’orderves for a menu (derby pies, cucumber sandwiches). Date to be determined. Motion was made by Donna Barleen to put this on. Seconded by Brenda Lagasse. Motion carried.

Activities Committee Update: Donna Barleen read a letter from Randell about vet day. Randell said he could do a vet day at the arena from 9am – 12am some time OR he would offer a 15% discount on vaccinations for 30 days that way members could schedule an appointment when they had time. This is offered to paid members only. Motion was made by Brenda Lagasse to go with the 30 day option. Seconded by Erick Voss. Motion carried. Tentatively set for March 20th – April 20th, if okayed by Randell.

The saddle club has decided to lock the two main entrances to the arena due to previous problems. It was discussed to about having 4 members carry keys for those who would like to use the arena. There will also be a monthly schedule placed in the locked box at the arena for those who do not know when the arena is booked. This will be a secretary responsibility. Motion made by Lance Lagasse to lock the gates. Seconded by Katie Lehmann. Motion carried.

Charlie Hansen asked about an update on the bid situation for the arena lights. Ritchie will ask Chuck Stupka for his bid. Lance Lagasse would also like a bid from Jason Wheeler. Paige Wheeler will ask him for one as well.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brenda Lagassee. Seconded by Donna Barleen. Motion carried.