Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (January through March) and 8:00 p.m. (April through November). Beginning in May, meetings are held at the NCK Saddle Club Arena.

May 2021 Meeting Notes


The meeting was held at the NCK Saddle Club Arena.

President Ritchie Farrell called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm

The Secretary’s report was approved as read. Brenda gave the Treasurer’s report. Sponsorships and memberships have been coming in steadily.

Ritchie picked up spray from Town and country to use at the arena. There was a bill for $6 for tractor gas. The tractor needs a new carburetor, which will cost about $200. The carburetor has been repaired multiple times, but is still leaking. The expense was approved.

The Community Foundation awarded us $5000 for the lighting project. The Butch Johnson memorial of $1000 has also been designated toward the lighting project. The motion to designate $6000 of club money to the lighting project, and to start with the lights on the south side of the arena, was unanimously approved. Jason Wheeler will start the project when materials are available. Eric Voss may be able to get some portable lights from the Fire Department to use if the lighting is not complete by rodeo time.

The manure spreader was emptied at the work night prior to the meeting, and the chain broke. Ritchie and Ron were able to blade some of the dirt away from the fenceline. Weedeating is a continuous process.

The Fair was discussed. The Fair Board would like us to provide help for parking during the rodeo. Rick Simpson plans a concert, and will again do the beer garden. The Fairboard is sponsoring a mechanical bull ride on Thursday and Friday nights.

The NCK Saddle Club Drill Team is practicing on Thursday evenings. The American Freedom Riders practice on Sunday afternoons at 3:30. 

Brenda has the sign cover for the sign North of town. Ritchie will pick up a sheet of plywood for the sign. The shade covers need to be put up for the season. Work nights will be May 18th, June 1st, 15th , and 29th, weather permitting. 

The Activities committee will hold a fun “schools out” playday at 2 pm on May 22nd. Charlie will have a trail ride on May 9th at 1:30 pm at his pens on Gold Road. 

The meeting adjourned.