September 2019 Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Ritchie Farrell. The minutes were read and approved. There was no Treasurers report. 

Old Business

Rodeo 2019
Need to mail an invoice to Clay Hills Ag and Lance Lagasse will collect concession stand money from the Legion. 

Since we lost two trees this year, Ritchie looked into replacing them with two Sycamore trees (12 to 14 feet tall) for $250 or thornless Locust trees for $225. Donna Barleen made a motion to buy a Sycamore tree for $250. Marleen Parker seconded and the motion passed. 

New Business

Rodeo 2020
The Rodeo will be Friday, July 10, and Saturday, July 11. The Fairboard asked for help with parking. The Fairboard also asked about our intention for the warm up arena. We need a new idea for our Rodeo Concession Stand. 

Lights need replaced. Do we want to go to LED? We need to get a quote from Jason Wheeler to switch to LED lights. Alternatively, Chris Stupka does LED lights and we can check with him. 

9/21 11:00 am Equine Dentist (need 10 horses)
9/28 9:00 am Fall Fest Parade We will meet between the tracks between Cedar and State St.
9/29 12:30 pm Hot Dogs, Saddle Fit Demo, Tack Swap, and Youth Buckle Series (1:00 pm) Katie and Greg Lehman volunteered to grill hot dogs. Terry Greer made a motion for the Club to pay $100 to have Priscilla Lindsey give a saddle fit demo. Aggie Moore seconded and the motion was approved.
10/13 Monthly Trail Ride 1:30 pm at the Missile Silos
10/13 Ladies Trail Ride 1:00 pm in Scottsville more details to come  

Aggie Moore made a motion for the Club to sponsor a CPRA Final buckle. Donna Barleen seconded and the motion passed. 

The meeting adjourned.